Welcome to zkHive

zkHive is revolutionizing the security of both individuals and crypto communities, by adding an AI layer of formal verification to the process.

Protecting Individuals & Communities

zkHive takes the security of both individuals and crypto communities to the next level, thanks to our proprietary connectivity AI


  • + Analyses files, pdfs and documents
  • + Analyses and secures voice messages
  • + Legitimacy score for links and IPs
  • + Verifies the authenticity of socials
  • + Verifies the authenticity of airdrops and staking links


  • + Realtime user activity monitor
  • + Bot Intrusion Detection and Prevention
  • + Real-Time Threat Intelligence
  • + Legitimacy score for users
  • + Connected hive between all the communities
  • + Customized detection based on traffic patterns

Powered by connectivity AI

  • + zkHive is a state-of-the-art security product that constantly filters out potentially malicious activity in order to keep crypto communities free of fraudulent content, bots and malicious actors before they get a chance to act.
  • + Bot Intrusion Detection and Prevention

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$ZKHIVE is an ERC20 token developed on the ETH network and listed on Uniswap. You can buy $ZKHIVE on Uniswap: here

The contract address is: 0x750c3a0a0ce9984eeb8c5d146dff024b584e5e33

There are no airdrops for $ZKHIVE! Do not trust any source that tells you otherwise. Never share your private keys nor connect your wallet anywhere.

You can contact us via our official Email address. [email protected]